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SL Level 6 writes “Cultural Differences” essay, comparing and contrasting their native culture with American culture.
There are many differences between Mexico and the United States. In Mexico, Catholicism is the predominant faith, but in the United States of America, there are many religions. Another difference between the two countries is their people. People are more formal in the United States than Mexico, because in Mexico if you meet someone you can shake hands and touch their shoulders but only the shoulder . In the United States , there are many friendly people — for example, when you are walking on the street, they say hello– but in Mexico you only say hello to your friends or people you may know. I like both countries and here I’ve met friendly and dedicated people from many countries. Adriana

We have many cultures in El Salvador. For example, we have traditional culture, which is all about the old heroes. September 15 is Independence Day for all of Central America. The U.S. doesn’t celebrate this.
America has good sports traditions. Most people like to do some sport, for example, ride a bike. Most Central Americans don’t like to do sports. Alfonso

Now, that I am living in another country that is different from mine, it is hard not to compare the cultures. The law is different. Here in the U.S., there is less corruption and the country is clean. The people are friendlier and their faces, eyes, skin color is different. They are tall, white or black skin, hair texture is different and normally the color is brown with light eyes. In Mexico, we are medium height, with dark hair and brown skin, but people are happier. They like to celebrate everything and have parties. There are a lot of holidays. There’s always music at the parties and they end late. Elizabeth

Americans are descended from Europeans: England and Ireland and Native Americans.
Mexicans speak Spanish because our country was a colony of Spain for 300 years. America was a colony too,...

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