Assessment 6- Story book

Sebastian Mari


My name is Anthony
I am now 18 years old

These days I spend most of my time at the beach.
This is my favourite place to be, surfing with my
friends, or even by myself. Out here I feel free, free
from all my problems. At last not a care in the world.

When I'm not surfing or hanging out with friends, I work
at a surf shop. I am also building my portfolio, to become
a professional photographer and travel the world. Here
are some of my favourite shots:

Today I am shooting for a surf
comp in the mid coast – can’t
Life hasn’t always been as amazing
and fun as it is now, it
has been a hard long road but with the help of some
amazing people along the way I am still standing, now
doing things I love with the people I love.

It all began 2 years ago ,I’m 18 years old. I spend all
my time with my friends. We play footy, surf on
Mum is never around, always at another new
boyfriend’s place or working. She has no time or need
for me. I go to the school down the road from my
house in semaphore this is the place where
everything happened.

It began with some after hours tutoring, not
being big on school I was falling behind.
I always had a thing for Mrs. Brooke, but that was
a fantasy, who knew that a lesson would end
with her actually making a move on me. Oh but I
couldn’t tell anyone though…I didn’t want either
of us to get in trouble now did I?
Months go by and Miss Brooke finds out she is

Mr. Brookes
He finds the messages she has been sending to me. So angry and
upset he reports her to the both the school and police. She is quickly
suspended and arrested on the grounds of sexual assault with a
minor. Now everyone knows.
So now I am dealing with bullying on a daily basis from students and
teachers. Once my mum found out she told me she didn’t want
anything to do with...

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