´╗┐What are some key things that you have learned about this culture through reading the scholarly sources ? (approximately 300 words)

Some key things I learned about the Caucasian culture is for the most part scholarly articles are few and in between when it comes to speaking about the race in general and not in regards to slavery or politics. Due to the recent killings of Afrian American by White police officers, or how the ethnic culture sees as individuals in power who shoot first and ask questions later, there is a plethora of white generezelation scholarly articles in regards to slavery, the civil war, the confederacy and its flag and the Caucasians role in recent hate crimes and justification of killing unarmed ethnic males and females.

What are some key things that you have learned about this culture through interacting with Internet/media resources related to this culture ? (approximately 300 words)

The internet/media resources in relation to the Caucasian culture has showed me that the world and the Caucasian race, whom is dominant but slowly being replaced by Latinos and other ethnic cultures is ready to have a conversation about their past racism towards other ethnicities and the system, whether financial, corrections, educational, etc. was solely built for the advancement of the dominant race and not created and formed for other ethnicities.

Are there any current surprises regarding what you are finding out about this culture? (approximately 100 words)

The current surprise I am finding out about this Caucasian culture is that some, if not most, are admitting that there is a problem and that it needs to be addressed within the Caucasian community. I believe this is greatly due to the increase of middle class to impoverish families that include Caucasian who can relate more to what past ethnicities as Afrian American, Latinos and Mexicans lifestyle has always been, its just that the margin has increased to include more Whites as the...

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