The church we visited was the first Baptist church built in Ottawa, which is

considered a Protestant church. It was founded in 1857 and therefore called "the First

Baptist Church". The church is located in 140 Laurier Avenue, West, Ottawa, Ontario,

K1P 5J4. I went there on September 23rd, 2012. At 10:30 am


Even though the outer design was simple, you still can feel the majesty of the design.

It was designed in the Gothic revival style with brown and gray Limestone. The main

door was made of wood and over it there was a colorful rose window. There were

several windows with colorful designs that we can look at them from the outside and

the inside of the building. There were two green steeples, a tall one and a short one,

the steeple is considered as a religious symbol of the Christian churches.

From the inside, most of the design was made of wood; the wooden ceiling had huge

chandeliers over it. The main worship place had twelve wooden pews in both sides

and in front of each pew there was several copies of the Bible and the edges of the

pews were engraved with a special design.

The stage located at the front of the church and all the pews face it. There were two

pulpits one on the right side and other one on the middle. Behind the stage there was

the reredos which is designed with wood covering the wall, on this wall there were

three panels with gold colors, the draws on these panels had religious meaning in

Christianity. At the front of the stage, there was a big version of the Hebrew Bible and


two candles between it, besides there was a green piece of cloth covering the middle

pulpit which has Latin letters on it.

On the west wall of the church, there were a number of windows; each window had

two symbols representing different things such as moon, earth, and flowers, which

were very bright. Moreover, some windows are decorated with written quotas from...