Curfew: Limited Freedom

Curfew: Limited Freedom

“Make sure you are back by 11pm!” If you are a teen this line will sound familiar whenever you are going out. These words can either save you or hinder you- it all depends on the way you see it.

Curfew is very famous to an adolescent and it has a lot of power. One perspective of curfew is that it cuts your fun short. Say you are at a party: you have to leave by ten-thirty, but we all know most of the fun happens around eleven. You are going to miss out on all the excitement because you need to be home by a certain time. Therefore, curfew is a party-killer.

Another thing about curfew is that it makes you feel like a kid, especially if you are the only person out of your clique that has one. They way they see it is that you are still young and naive so your parents don’t trust you yet. Or that you still have a bed time that you need to be home in order to meet. This can make you the laughing stalk of the school or the joke of your group. As for your reputation? Gone.

You are at the movies with your friends. Everyone is opting to watch the late show and you are just fading in the background. This is because you know you have a curfew to meet so you can’t go see that show. This is another negative effect of curfew: your choices/options are limited. With this also comes the idea that your freedom is monitored. When you are on “lockdown” (a term used by the current generation) you have certain places where you are allowed to go and specific times when you are allowed to go to them. This is for your safety as well as your parent’s curiosity. They control when your freedom starts and ends all with this one word: Curfew.

On the other hand, someone can only see the good things about having a time limit on your freedom. Say you are at that same party but it isn’t going the way you expected. The turn out wasn’t so great, the same applies for the food and you just want to go home. This is where the excuse that you have a curfew to meet so you have to...

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