Curitiba Video Report

Curitiba Video Report

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1. In what year did the renewal of Curitiba begin and who was the leader and main driving force?
James Lerner initiated the project and renewal of Curitiba began in 1971. He was elected in the same year as Curitiba’s new Mayor.

2. The renewal focused on four areas described in the video. List these four areas.

These four areas are transportation, recycling, affordable housing, and parks.

3. How did Curitiba control the growing density of people and businesses in the downtown area? What role did the establishment of five major, linear axes play in addressing this problem? Be brief but thoroughly explain.

Curitiba created a system so that buildings can only be built where mass transportation was provided. This way an effective way to match the density of the population to the capacity of transportation. This system created five routes originating from the center that ran away from the main parts of the city. This meant the city to grow away from the already congested downtown. With effective transportation, it allowed the city to combat overpopulation by its’ citizens.

4. Explain how the bus system is financially viable without city subsidies. That is, how are the revenues (income) from the system sufficient to cover the costs of operating the system without drawing money from the city’s treasury?

Integrated bus routes made it easier and cheaper to carry large volumes of people and more cost effective for residents. Over 60% of people take the bus daily. This provides exceptional revenue because there are about 2 million passengers a day. The system remains self-sufficient because a partnership exists between government and companies. URBS outsources to private companies who are in charge of a different transportation part of the city. All the money goes to URBS who then pays the private companies based on how many kilometers the buses travel per day. This method makes them self-sufficient because it costs the government next to nothing but...

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