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Concept Note on PDP

All of us are unique specimens of the epitome of the creation around us called universe. In other words, human beings are the most intelligent, most complex, most evolved of God’s creations. They contain the potential to become very wise, creative, dynamic, confident, collective, visionary and integrated beings with high achievements on one side and very ordinary beings on the other. Personality Development Program (henceforth referred to as PDP) aims at unlocking the potential within each individual. If there is any program that can lay claim to coming closest to CL’s core purpose: “To enable people realize their potential and make their dreams come true”, I think it is PDP.

Personality is nothing but a sum total of the following:

1) Who you are (sum total of one’s beliefs, values, attitudes, emotions etc.) &

2) How you present yourself (one’s behavior and expression)

PDP is essentially a mirror which will help the student understand both these aspects of his personality completely. It will not only help him understand his positives and negatives, but also help him overcome his lacunae. However, it is essential to understand that the transformation itself is a pure function of the amount of effort put in by him. The adage “You can take the horse to the pond but you can’t make him drink water” is most apt here.

PDP is a very powerful programme utilizing latest developments in psychology & state of the art techniques for personality development. It makes extensive use of audiovisual media. The programme consists of eighteen sessions spread over thirty six hours of interaction. A brief summary of the major characteristics and processes involved in the program is discussed below:

1. The underlying philosophy guiding PDP is very simple. To make the students discover and understand who they are, what they lack and what they possess. This personality mapping is done using standardized psychological tools like Personal...

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