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Climate change cause by ocean, not just atmosphere

Overall this article was discussing how most of the concerns about climate change have been focused on the amount of greenhouse gases that have been released into the atmosphere. A new study reveals another equally important factor in regulating Earth's climate. Researchers say the major cooling of Earth and continental ice build-up in the Northern Hemisphere 2.7 million years ago coincided with a shift in the circulation of the ocean.

The environmental issues presented in this article are that how the ocean current circulation shifts and absorbs carbon dioxide and heat. This shift sends the heat north and south in the Atlantic until it eventually reaches the Pacific. Scientist believe that Antarctic glaciers sent heat into the deep ocean and off of the surface. This caused a greater climate change than the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

I believe this finding may be possible, but I do not believe that it caused a bigger impact than we did burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels play such a key role in diminishing our atmosphere that it is hard to believe that there is another factor that could have played a bigger role in doing that. If these findings are true I do not believe there is much we can do to reverse the effects of the shifting ocean currents.

Global boom in hydropower expected this decade

This article talked about an unprecedented rapid growth in hydropower dam construction that is underway, primarily in developing countries and emerging economies. While this is expected to double the global electricity production from hydropower, it could reduce the number of our last remaining large free-flowing rivers by about 20 percent and pose a serious threat to freshwater biodiversity.

The environmental issues being discussed in this article are a decline in biodiversity in rivers due to the building of dams and hydroelectricity. Also being discussed is the reducing of carbon dioxide...

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