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Chapter 14 – Electric Current and its Effects


Vaibhav Srivastava

Scene 1-INT/Evening: The Secret Room

The Room is lit by a 100 Watt bulb hanging from the ceiling. On the floor are various newspapers, mostly spread out randomly and cardboard boxes, some full and closed, others open and empty. Animesh and Disha are sitting on two of these boxes when Abhay enters. Abhay is visibly younger than the other two and is very chirpy as compared to them. As he enters the room Animesh looks at him sharply.

Sorry I am late. (Panting) I had to make a new excuse to mummy again. She wanted me to sit down and do my homework. I said Disha didi would help me with mine and so I had to bring my science books too.

You are always late, and you always make a new excuse for us too. So I don’t think you might be having trouble making an excuse to your mom.

But I am telling the truth! You don’t know how difficult it is to come up with something new for every evening that I spend here in the Secret Room. You have it easy; this room is in your house.

It isn’t so easy for me either; mummy keeps on asking what I do all evening sitting on the roof with you guys. And all these issues of QAMITA lying around. Once she was about to sell them to the ‘Kabadi’ and I had a hard time telling her that they were important for me. And that was an issue that we still had to sell.

(In a commanding tone) That’s enough both of you. Abhay, sit down! And we have to get down to work, the next issue of QAMITA is due in less than a week and we have no clue what our main topic is going to be.

That’s right. (To Abhay) So did you think of anything new? Anything that can actually be used! I don’t want another bizarre suggestion.

(Standing proudly with his arms...

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