Curriculum Devt

Curriculum Devt



Course Title: Microprocessor Systems (Lecture)
Corse Facilitator:

A. Course Description:

1. What is the scope of the course?
This course covers the study of the principles and operations of various microprocessor and microcontroller.

2. What is the course focus?
It emphasizes engineering applications of microprocessors and microcontrollers.

3. How is the course goal state? Are there values and assumptions underlying the goals of the curriculum? Are the goals sufficiently comprehensive, balance and realistic?
Lacking of Course Goal.

Course Goal:
The purpose of this course is to teach students the fundamentals of microprocessor and microcontroller systems. The student will be able to incorporate these concepts into their electronic designs for other courses where control can be achieved via a microprocessor/controller implementation.

4. Describe the learner at end of the course.
* Students should be able to solve basic binary math operations using the microprocessor.
* Students should be able to program using the capabilities of the stack, the program counter, and the status register and show how these are used to execute a machine code program.
* Students should be able to apply knowledge of the microprocessor’s internal registers and operations by use of a PC based microprocessor simulator.
* Students should be able to write assemble assembly language programs, assemble into machine a cross assembler utility and download and run their program on the training boards.
* Students should be able to design electrical circuitry to the Microprocessor I/O ports in order to interface the processor to external devices.
* Students should be able to write assembly language programs that will provide solutions real-world control problems such as fluid level control, temperature control, and batch...

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