Curroption All Ahed

Curroption All Ahed

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One of the most important social evils.Corruption causes a series of ill actions by a chain reaction. A police accepting a bribe makes the person more at ease bribing again. He soon gets encouraged to bribe others. Those who witness the bribes taking place are encouraged to do the same.Corruption also does not give a fair hearing to the deserving. A bright student would be denied admission if a rich student bribed the administration.The society can never prosper as the poor never get a chance and the cycle of rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer prevails. Jealously also comes to place,a person seeing so many opportunities going from him gets inclined to steal to get the money to bribe or scam others to unlawfully earn the money. Corruption at heart must also be considered with this topic. A teacher showing favoritism, a student cheating or a person lieing continuously without guilt shows the corrupted vales which ultimately leads to failure. A good example of what corruption can do to the society is a fictional city of Gotham in The Batman where all hope is lost on its citizens when corruption has taken over.In short all sorts of social evils can happen due to corruption

Here you go. I put a fair amount of work into this, so make sure to give me best answer. Oh, and you may want to make sure the wording isn't too good...they might know you didn't write it. :

Corruption is one of the most overlooked yet prevalent social evils inherent to society. Corruption can cause a whole series of events which work like a chain reaction. A person is pulled over for doing something illegal and tries to bribe a police officer. The police officer accepting that bribe makes the person giving the bribe more likely to do...

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