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customer care

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment
This Bibliography must have at least five sources listed in MLA Bibliography Format. You will be graded on the accuracy of your use of MLA format to cite each source as well as the quality of the sources listed. Remember our discussion of what makes a reliable source. For each source you must write a 2-3 sentence annotation explaining why and how you might use this source in your paper. Be very specific and direct about how you will incorporate the source to bolster your argument, counter your argument, or explain important information for your readers. Be prepared to discuss your bibliographies with me during our individual conferences. Annotated Bibliographies are due in hard copy Monday April 28.
I. MLA Bibliography Format 15 points
You must conform to all citation and formatting instructions in MLA including the hanging indent and alphabetizing sources.

II. Sources 10 points
You must list at least five sources, one of which must be a print source. They must be considered reliable using the criteria from class.

III. Annotations 20 points
Must be 2-3 sentences long and be indented along with the citation. Annotations should answer how you intend to use these texts in your paper. Note: you will only receive credit for the annotations if you are specific and thorough.

IV. Surface Errors 5 points
Pay attention to grammar, syntax, and other written errors. Points will be deducted for misspellings, incorrect comma usage, subject-verb agreement, and incorrect punctuation. See your Rules For Writers book if you are uncertain of the rule.

Total: 50 points


Tawnya Ravy
Prof. X
Annotated Bibliography
Eldridge, C.C. Disraeli and The Rise of a New Imperialism. Cardiff: Wales UP, 1996.
This book looks at changing political attitudes at the time of the 1987 Royal Titles Bill. This supports my assessment that dealing with the new territory of India was at odds with cultural ideas...

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