Customer Service Function

Customer Service Function

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Within all business, there is no such thing as a typical organisation
structure. Obviously, an organisation which is concerned with
providing a service would not have a production department. For
instance, a mail order company which buys goods from elsewhere, stores
them then distributes them to a customer may have a large distribution
department but no production department.

However, over the past ten or so years businesses have found that the
key to success is to provide excellent customer service. This is why
within most business, no matter whether they are offering a service or
a product, you will find a customer service function within their
organisational structure.

The purpose of the customer service function

When a consumer buys a product or service they do so to satisfy a
need. They also expect certain things. For example they would expect
the goods to be available when they want them, they would expect the
products they have just been sold to be reliable and safe and also
they have they right to get value for money. (This comes under the
consumer protection act) However giving the customer an excellent
service involves more than obeying by their legal rights. Customers
should be treated courteously and given accurate information, this is
why staff should be trained to give prompt assistance and advice if
customers have any problems. Also telephone sales staff should attend
courses on good telephone communication skills. Also customers should
be offered helpful payment terms by company’s when purchasing
expensive items, have the offer of home delivery when buying big bulky
goods and immediate assistance if the good is faulty or breaks.

Companies which offer good customer service often get repeat business
from customers over many years, also loyal customers will tell their
recitatives and friends about the good service they have received. So
it is extremely important that a...

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