Customs Guarantees in Latvia

Customs Guarantees in Latvia

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Insurance companies that issue guarantees for customs related procedures
Company name Customs guarantee VAT Transit guarantee
"Seesam Latvia" √ √ √
"Gjensidige Baltic" √ √ √
"BTA" √ √ √
"Baltikums" √ √ √
"Balva" √ √
"Ergo Latvija" √ √
"Baltijas Apdrošināšanas Nams" √ √ √

The biggest ones in this area are Baltikums and BTA (BTA is market leader).

The whole process of getting the license for getting the status of customs warehouse from the moment of application 60 calendar days, it is the maximum term, sometimes it takes less time. The fee is 1500 and paid only if the positive decision is made.
Applicant must present a range of documents, including plans, registration documents copies etc. it takes about 1-2 weeks to get them all from relevant organizations, but generally you would get them when purchasing territory.
Customs, VAT guarantees can be requested, generally you would need one anyways. The term for getting it depends on how interested the insurance company is in cooperation. Depending on the type of guarantee, they would request a deposit of 10-20 or more thousand euro and a premium of at least 500 ls/year, but these costs are determined individually.
The application for getting status of customs warehouse can be sent by email, but this would require a safe electronic signature, issued by Latvian Post, in all other situations a legitimate representative is required. EORI number is also needed.
We also have the AEO status, like in other EU countries, the requirements are the same. It can be received in addition to the customs warehouse status to simplify many processes (but the requirements are rather strict) (
If you will have different entities in several EU countries that are all connected with the operation of customs warehouse, then a single authorization can be received....

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