Cvs Pharmacy

Cvs Pharmacy

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CVS Pharmacy

CVS is the largest pharmacy retail company in the United States. This organization operates more than 6100 specialty and retail stores nationwide and boasts of having more than 170,000 employees. (IBM, 2006) CVS was in need of new employees to fill the positions of the stores acquired through the acquisitions of stores such as Eckerd Drugs, Revco and Long’s Drugs. CVS Chief Executive, Tom Ryan, stated in regards to the acquisitions "It's breaking new ground. It's never been done, so it's harder for the financial community to understand it, but we will reshape and lead the market." (Abelson, 2007)
With the increasing number of acquisitions throughout the United States, CVS faced a major problem of staffing many of its stores with the right fit for the local communities as well as the organization. CVS developed an innovative strategy through recruitment and development to assist welfare recipients in gaining employment while at the same time staffing stores obtained through acquisitions.

The CVS government hiring program was developed in 1996 and has since hired over 20,000 people previously on government assistance. Over 12,000 employees remain with the company which represents a retention rate of approximately 60 percent. In contrast, many other entry-level positions retention rate can exceed 200 percent within a year. Many of the welfare to work employees have been promoted at least twice. (Win, 2002) In the District of Columbia, CVS partnered with Reverend Lionel Edmonds, the Pastor of a local church to hold a job fair in which 120 attended and 50 were hired. (Schoeff,  2007)

“The priority CVS gives to partnerships is embodied in a seven-member government hiring team that works with city, state, local government agencies, nonprofits, and community based organizations including Job Corps, Goodwill Industries, the National Council on Aging, America’s Promise, the Kennedy Institute, etc. Partnerships also exist with...

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