Cyber Bullying: an Abuse in the Cyber World

Cyber Bullying: an Abuse in the Cyber World

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Internet plays a very big role in our part of life. It has practically everything you need, be it communication, entertainment, research or schoolwork. These massive uses have shown its importance to the world. However, given its massive uses, there will still be a number of people abusing the cyber world. To our surprise, a big portion of these cyber bullies come from the youth. Cyber bully is making use of the advance technology to bully people around you. As the internet start to become more user friendly, simple and private, kids are making use of it to intimidate other around them. These bullies keep their harassment away from adults and teachers. Most of them are not afraid of being spotted by an adult because they use artificial identities. They can also accuse someone else of using their name. It has become the perfect tool for reaching others anonymously and getting away with it. The very sad issue is that children are becoming the cyber bullies themselves. They attack their victims with all sort of way. They send e-mails or instant messages containing insults, prank call and even steal passwords of the victim's accounts to threaten them. However, Cyber bullies do not feel threatened by the legal aspect of cyber bullying. Most people do not know that cyber bullying can constitute as a computer crime. Even if it was known, they give excuses such as people have been using their identities. These cyber bullies can be charged, fine, jailed or both. To avoid being found out Cyber bullies normally plan their excuses or

“escape routes”. They normally play safe. If the victim keeps quiet all the time, it gives the bully the signal that it is ok. Bullies would not feel remorse of their behaviour and would go on. Victims can also tell their parents about what is going out so that necessary actions can be taken to punish these students. Also they should try avoiding the site, chatroom. Taking the extra...

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