IIUM Students’ Perception on Factors Influencing Reluctance of Reporting
Cyber-bullying among teenagers

  Moinur Rashid 1124281
Fouad Ibrahim Barkad 0926301
Kulliyah of ICT
International Islamic University Malaysia

English for Academic Writing
LE 4000 Section 34
Tutor : Ahmad Ashaari Bin Alias

Cyber-bullying has become a huge enigma nowadays. With cyber-bullying it comes to its consequences after it. Despite being a type of crime, teenagers don’t report most of the time and let it pass through. Although cyber-bullying has huge psychological impact, teenagers pay far too little reaction to this act. This problem leads to the psychological aspects of the teenagers’ mind. Preliminary studies somewhat indicates that teenagers’ fear of removal of internet and fear of removal from friends’ group leads to the reluctance off reporting cyber-bullying. Given that a survey has been conducted on IIUM students to know their perception on removal of internet and fear of exclusion from friends circle as a factor influencing teenagers reluctant to report cyber-bullying. A questionnaire was given to the participants and their answers were further analyzed which shows that most of the IIUM students agree on the both of the points as a factor influencing teenagers reluctance to report cyber-bullying. It can be concluded that teenagers are somewhat obsessed with internet and reporting to parents is not important comparing to this. Also teenagers are afraid of being excluded from their friends and thus making them reluctant to report cyber-bullying. This research and finding can be used to implement better cyber-crime awareness among teenagers, parents and teachers and can be used to create better online complaining system. This research paper is hoped to serve in further researches as well. In this article brief findings will be discussed followed by the depth analysis of the reasons of such...

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