Cyber Cafe as a Leading Sole Proprietorhip Business

Cyber Cafe as a Leading Sole Proprietorhip Business

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The development of science has resulted in many useful inventions. Internet is one of such creation. Internet opened doors for science and communication advancement. In the present century, internet is playing the vital role in the lives of every individual. It is the newest and most forward looking media. It has changed everyone’s life enormously even have changed the different businesses running throughout the globe and are successful too. In different parts of the world cyber cafes are present providing services and entertainment to different fields of the people. For the betterment of these cafes and to run them properly, cyber cafe softwares have been designed. These softwares manage times, secure the inventories and administer the business.
The cyber cafés have created a popular and affordable way to access the internet and to send and receive e-mails. Cyber café is popular with travellers and people on the move; they also provide opportunities for relaxing and socializing. Other people made their lives successful through cyber café business. Most importantly, this serves multiple purposes including turning the business a mega success.
This paper determines the reason why cyber cafes lead in the business industry. Specifically, this paper aims:
1. to determine the factors that help cyber cafe to be a leading sole proprietorship business
2. to identify the importance of cyber cafe in other sole proprietorship business

In order for this study to be understandable the following words used in the study will be given with their definition

Cyber cafe. It is a coffee house where people can browse the Internet for a fee.
(Encarta, Reference Library, 2009)
In this study, cyber cafe refers to a place where computers along with internet connections are available for usage at the payment of nominal fees.
Sole proprietorship. It is a business owned by one person.
In this study, sole proprietorship...

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