Cyber Communication Crime

Cyber Communication Crime

Cyber communication and its impact on users and the community

There has been an issue among the society, that is “Cyber communication: a

progress or a problem?” According to the ancient Chinese understanding “yin-yang”,

black and white couldn’t exist without one another. It will be the same theory for the

negative and positive or good and bad, they are a pair, need each other in order to

obtain existence. But, sometimes the bad overcome the positive and eventually taken

over as a dominant role.

One of the greatest contributions of cyber communication is a continuity of

business plan, helping in other major fields and enables a connection around the global.

The power of social networking webpage is powerful because it attracts people around

the global to sign up and create an account, hence people could chat online. Even

though cyber communications has the greatest advantage to an invidual, but cyber

communications crime also exist and it will be an extremely scary crime. Greater

advantage to mankind will mean greater risk.

“Anna was a fourteen year old girl who lived in Virginia. Her family was the

normal middle class family with 2 other children. She worked hard and school and got

decent grades. She liked chatting on the popular chat rooms and got along with most

people there. She always really connected with the people there and felt normal when

she talked to them. One day one her chat room friend tells her that he lived in Virginia

too and that they should meet up sometime; Anna was so excited to meet one of her

long time chat room friends in real life. They got along so well in the chat room and liked

all of the same things. So, they arranged a date to meet in a field near her school; they

were going to go shopping and have so much fun together. When the day had finally

come, Anna was so excited. Her parents dropped her off at the field and she waited for

her friend to come....

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