Cyber Crime: the Dark Side of the Internet

Cyber Crime: the Dark Side of the Internet

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Cyber Crime: The Dark
Side of the Internet

Life is full of good and evil just like Internet does. It does a lot of good for us, but it also has its dark sides too. The Internet has become a place for exploitation for cyber crime. Cyber crime reaches farther from our nation's borders as it affects other developing who aren't that up to today's modern technology. This allows organized crime to happen over the Internet where cyber criminals can get free access to people personal info or bypass a company's security to get valuable information. But the global law enforcement are figuring out how to detect it and stop these cyber crimes before they cause major damage. There using newer ITT technology to prevent and reduce future attacks from there cyber criminals. The law enforcement will use this new kind of digital evidence to find and arrest the cyber criminals that once were undetectable. This digital evidence will the criminals to be prosecuted in the court of law.
Esteges and Sutcliffe (2008) states that "organized crime groups are decentralized to avoid providing single targets or points of failures for adversaries and law enforcement, rely on loose relationships among different players in different countries due to the nature of business and prosper greatly in nonregulated, lawless environments" (p. 91). The Internet is also decentralized with the most loosely connected relationships and with the fewest laws enforced. When criminals figured this out, they started educating themselves and according to Esteges et al (2008) moved themselves to the electronic Wild West (p. 91). The Internet offers more confidentiality, more privacy and a place to steal from the unprotected and unaware. Criminals can find and steal valuable knowledge and human identities for e-currency. As stated by Esteges et al (2008) that the Internet meets all the criteria sought by organized crime (p. 91).

As human, we need order in our lives because if not...

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