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The Victim Should Feel Powerful
In High School, every kid’s goal is to become popular and to have an unrealistic fairytale relationship. Every day is a new challenge for these kids—not only is it a transition from Middle School, but it is a transition from being the oldest to the youngest. In Middle School, every teacher teaches kids to be excited for High School; and that it’s the greatest time of a student’s life. Teachers in Middle School prepare students for High School academically, but often don’t prepare them for reality. It is a harsh world— bullies today feel a sense of accomplishment when they hurt or harm others physically or emotionally: making them cry, sending mean messages, posting cruel comments online.
Have you ever wondered what happens to bullies? Each school has their own policy on how to discipline them. In most cases, the bullies don’t get in trouble—either they don’t get caught, or the child is too scared of the threat imposed on them by the bully—they keep quiet.
Every bully should be expelled from school, and taught how to act. Simply punishing a bully doesn’t teach them anything—they need to be taught how to behave and why they shouldn’t bully others. Imagine the victim being your son or daughter—what would you want the punishment to be?


There are many forms of bullying: Cyber bullying, Verbal bullying, Physical bullying, and Emotional bullying. All of these forms tend to happen at some point (usually in High School) in a person’s life. According to John Webster, a High School guidance counselor at a High School, “Bullying is the victimization of one person to another through the use of power and control, be it emotional, physical or social.” Bullies leave the victim feeling low, and powerless. Webb wishes that “society [would] stop using the word bullying...