Would you like to be able to hack something or someone? Sure, I guess that sounds like a bit of fun. But what if you were the target of a hacker? Not so much fun, now, is it. The film “Cyberbully” directed by Ben Chanan (2015) depicts the life of everyday teenagers, and the constant threat of cyber bullying that they face. “Cyberbully” uses camera shots and angles to portray this threat in the form of a movie.

Casey (Maisey Williams) is a typical teenage girl. She lives in England with a single father and her brother. She is very independent, and spends the whole film alone in her bedroom. Like most modern teenagers, she is constantly surrounded in technology such as phones and computers. She has a standard teenaged girl’s bedroom, with posters and photographs decorating the walls. She enjoys making and editing videos that make fun of people. She uses lots of social networking sites, and is constantly in communication with her friends.

Chanan, through use of camera techniques and angles, shows this to us in a realistic fashion. The use of the webcam on Casey’s laptop gives us the feeling as if we were right there. Chanan also uses sound effects, background noises and music to add a feeling of being in that position. Using these techniques, Casey is presented as a real life teenager who is easily annoyed and swears a lot.

Chanan has chosen a realistic setting to portray Casey’s life. It also helps to bring out the theme of the movie, and to give the audience a sense of involvement. A technique used to bring out the theme using the setting is the use of camera shots like an over to shoulder shot and close up shots, and also the use of the webcam in Casey’s computer. These give us a profound sense of understanding and appreciation for what’s going on.

The next technique used is the sound effects, background noise and music. Sounds are the main part of a film, as they can control how we feel about the current situation. Through use of sound techniques,...

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