Cycber Crime

Cycber Crime


The 21st century has brought enhanced technology and scientific concepts that have made their way into everyones daily life's. There was a time period 15-20 years ago that Cyber-crimes did not even exist. Criminals were involved in conventional crimes. Todays society has to deal with conventional crimes and Cyber-crimes, which makes combating criminals a very difficult task. Cyber-crimes are still very new the criminal justice system and society and because of this any sort of deterrence is very complicated. Cyber-crimes are committed by illegal behavior done through communication disruption, network disruption, telephones, or Internet. Cyber-crimes are committed by individuals of all ages and tend to be more beneficial to criminals than kidnapping, trafficking, or murder. This paper will analyze a few different types of Cyber-crimes and how the global justice system has been impacted by these new age threats and what it has done in an attempt to prevent these crimes from happening. There will also be an examination of the different types of Cyber-crimes and their corresponding punishments.


Cyber-crimes are crimes of the future and will continue to be difficult to combat; as they are very well hidden and allow criminals to have no boundaries. There has been a great deal of effort by the criminal justice system to fight back against this new age crime, but many countries are still attempting to use Terrestrial laws to prosecute these criminals. Countries have to use harsher punishments and make sure that all criminal statues are continuing to update in order to bring this new form of crime to justice. Cyber-crimes are an every day occurrence and have grown significantly over the last decade. The victims that these crimes have impacted has been very negative and can take years to recover from. The United States is working closely with all other countries to ensure that everyone is getting the protection needed to...

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