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Have you ever thought there could be a paper towel that was strong and absorbent but still cost-effective compared to the school paper towels? My school did and we decided to make an experiment to find out. This report will be about our paper towel investigation. The brands are Brawny, Sparkle, School, Viva, Bounty, and Scott.

This my hypothesis I made based on the data I collected before I did the experiments. If I compare paper towels based on strength, cost, and absorbency then I think the brand Sparkle will be for the school. I think this because it’s one of the cheapest paper towels and it’s two-ply so it’s thick and absorbent. Also Sparkle is long and has many sheets.

In my opinion I think that Bounty is the most cost-effective if judging strength, absorbency, and cost. Comparing strength Bounty is the second strongest. Comparing absorbency Bounty is the most absorbent. Comparing cost it is the fifth cheapest. That shows that Bounty is strong, absorbent, and has a reasonable price.

The other five I will also be explaining their outcomes in the experiment. I will do Sparkle first. Sparkle did not do as well as I expected. For one it had the second lowest absorbency. Sparkle also had the second lowest strength. Sparkle’s price was the third cheapest though still wasn’t worth the money.

Scott was okay and made it in the top three. It had the third best strength. Scott barley had forth for best absorbency. Scott had the third highest cost so it wasn’t really worth it. It did a lot better than I though it would considering it isn’t two-ply.

Viva I thought was really good until I saw the price, which was way higher than all the other brands. Its strength though was also a lot higher than others also. Viva’s absorbency almost had top but Bounty was slightly better so Viva only had second. Viva had smaller and less sheets per roll. Via is one oft56

Brawny was a little tricky. Brawny’s sheets had a perforated line separating it so...