Dalai Lama - Essay 2

Dalai Lama - Essay 2

Leah Nygaard
Communications 114
Instructor: Giuliana Sorce
13 September 2011

Criticize Dalai Lama “Universal Responsibility in the Modern World

1. The clarity of the topic wasn’t really clear to me, it seemed like he was talking about the Tibet Society. I think that it is possible to maintain a narrow focus and it seems like he did, near the end he gives the two points that he will be talking about in the rest of his speech. This speech is an informative speech about the Tibet Society

2. I could tell that he didn’t give much thought into what he was going to say. He actually said in the second sentence that when he gives talks he doesn’t do any preparation or have any notes. I wasn’t sure where his speech was going.

3. I thought his language was bland; he could have used more esthetic appeal. One of the stylistic devices he uses is foreshadowing. An example of that is when he talks about his two main concerns that he mentions later in the speech.

4. Many times I couldn’t follow what he was saying. He could have used better transitions between thoughts. I thought that his sentence structure was fine, his sentences weren’t to choppy.

5. During his speeches Dalai Lama does a good job with hand gestures. However his voice often flatters. He often uses and word um. Sometimes he is unsure of what to say and somebody else helps him.

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