Dali, Dali, It's so Surreal to Me

Dali, Dali, It's so Surreal to Me

Art History Research Paper Guidelines
• Papers need to be five pgs. in length (double-spaced, times new roman font). Please follow a basic research paper outline to include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
• Must be written in MLA style
• Must include: Title page with student name, instructor name, title, date
• Please number pages
• Must include citations and a bibliography according to MLA format
*Please use the resources available through the library and MLA style guides.

1. Choose a particular artist or artwork to research and write about. Include biographical information on the artist, information and show your understanding of the artist’s style and the movement to which the work belongs.
2. Include a detailed visual analysis of the artwork (explain what you see: what is going on in the picture? What is the medium? When was it made and by whom? Does it have a practical purpose or is it strictly decorative? How big is it?) It is ok to include your own opinion.
3. Make comparisons to other artworks of the same era or to contemporary works. How does it reflect social/political/ or psychological conventions? Ex: Comparing Banksy’s paintings to prehistoric cave paintings.
4. You will be graded on your ability to give a strong visual analysis, create a thesis statement, and explain why you chose the topic you did.
Research Paper Grading Rubric
Grading rubric:

A (90-100)
- paper is well written and organized
-correct citations in bibliography and body of paper -MLA style
-correct spelling and syntax throughout
- Transitions and clear sentences throughout
-meets length requirements

-paper is fairly well organized
-works cited properly with few errors
- few spelling/syntax errors
- just shy of page requirement

C (70-79)
-paper is not well organized
-paper not cited properly or missing works cited
- many grammar/syntax errors thought
- does not meet page length requirement

D (60-69)

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