Dandy Proposal Hl Englanglit

Dandy Proposal Hl Englanglit

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Project OP
“Online Phenomenon”

Since The Dandy is officially folding this December of the Year 2012, I would like to propose to, as our mission statement here at DC Thomson is that we “strive to meet the ever changing needs of our customers and” develop “new ideas for a successful future”, to do just that. I strongly believe that this will be plausible by the creation of an online site for The Dandy, where virtually anyone with access to the internet can read our world-famous comics, whether on a tablet, a smartphone, a computer or laptop, or anything with internet connection.

According to the facts and figures here at DC Thomson, we know that before folding, we came from a high of selling 2 million of The Dandy per week, to a meagre 8,000 per week. The young children and pre-teens of today stated reasons for this – they have either a tablet such as an iPad, or a computer to read comics online.

The world is ever-changing. From the creation of the pager to the mobile phone, to the smartphones and tablets of today, the world is becoming increasingly attached and reliant on the Internet and services provided by technology. Ask a child on the street, and they will most definitely tell you that they have at least either a laptop or a computer that can connect to the Internet. In fact, out of the 7 billion people of the world, 1.3 billion own or have access to PC’s, 5 billion are users of mobile phones, 901 million are social network users, and 1.6 billion regularly watch TV.

Ask students from any school, and it’s been proven that about 99% of them will answer that they have used Wikipedia for research before. Ask anyone in school an academic related question, and they would probably tell you to “Google it“. Many popular children’s books such as Peter Rabbit and Dr. Seuss’ Collection have made it to the Apple App Store, and also on Google Play. Some parents even teach their children how to read with iPads, Kindles, and even Samsung Galaxy Tablets....

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