USING THE TELEPHONE ( trong vi?c s? d?ng ?i?n tho?i)

T?o ra cu?c g?i:
+ May / Could / Can I speak to?.... (ng??i mu?n g?p)? This is / My name is??(b?n th'n)
+ I'd like / I would like to speak to????(ng??i mu?n g?p).
+ Is John there? (c'ch n'i th'ng th??ng v?i b?n b')

Nh?n cu?c g?i:
N?u b?n l' ng??i m' ng??i nghe mu?n g?p:
+ I'm here.
+ Yes, I'm John.

N?u b?n l' ng??i nghe gi'm ?i?n tho?i:
+ Would you mind holding a minute while I try to find her / him? (C?m phi?n b?n gi? m'y trong gi'y l't ?? t'i t'm c' ?y / anh ?y).
+ Could you hold, please? (B?n gi? m'y nh'?)
+ One moment, please! ( ch? ch't nh') ( n'i chuy?n v?i b?n b' ho?c ng??i ngang tu?i)
+ Wait a moment please!

N?u kh'ng c' ng??i nghe:
+ I'm afraid John is not here. Could you call back later?
+ I'm afraid John can't speak to you at this time.
+John is busy now. Would you like to leave a message?

N?u b?n g?i nh?m s?:
+ I'm sorry, I have the wrong number. (N?u b?n l' ng??i g?i)
+ Sorry, I think you have the wrong number. (N?u b?n l' ng??i nghe).

GREETING PEOPLE AND RESPONDING (trong vi?c ch'o h?i v' ?'p l?i).
V?i ng??i l?n h?n ho?c ng??i ???c k'nh tr?ng:
+ Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening Mr John. How's everything?
+ Good day, Dr. John. How are you?
V?i ng??i nh? h?n ho?c b?n b':
+ Hello, John. How are you?
+ Hi! How are you doing?
+ Good morning. What's up?

V?i ng??i l?n:
+ I'm doing well. Thank you. And you?
+ I'm fine. Thank you.
V?i b?n b':
+ Fine. How are you?
+ Great. Thanks.
+ Couldn't be better. ( kh'ng g' t?t h?n ???c n?a)
+ Not bad. You? (kh'ng t? l?m. B?n th' sao?)
+ Okay, I guess. You doing all right?
+ Couldn't be worse. (ch?ng g' t? h?n th?)

MAKING AND RESPONDING TO INTRODUCTIONS (t? gi?i thi?u, gi?i thi?u ng??i kh'c v' ?'p tr? l?i gi?i thi?u).
Making introduction (t? gi?i thi?u, gi?i thi?u ng??i kh'c)
+ Let me...