Dangers of Sex

Dangers of Sex

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Should condoms be distributed in sexual education classes? This is the question you must ask yourself. The fact is sex education classes inform teenagers about things like pregnancy, AID’s, and all other sexually transmitted diseases. These classes also allow teenagers to explore their options as they grow and begin making their own decisions. They also teach them how to protect themselves, and what dangers are really out there. We need to make sure teenagers are completely informed about every aspect of sexual activity.

In a sex education class you would learn ways to prevent pregnancy. Abstinence of course is the most effective. If you do not have sex then you can not get pregnant. Though there are many other forms of birth control, if you chose to participate in sexual activity. Before you make any decisions about having sex you should discuss it with your doctor to figure out and decide which method of birth control is best for you. All birth controls have side effects that everyone needs to be aware of. Make sure you talk to some one before making any decisions before having sex or starting birth control.

Birth control comes in many different forms. The most common form being the pill, which a female would have to take every day until the week of their menstrual cycle, and it is said to be about 99.7 percent effective. One problem with the pill is sometimes you can forget to take it. Implantation, which is an implant placed in your upper arm tissue is another type of birth control, and lasts for about three years. The most common problem with the implant are placement, if it is put in wrong it will not work. Depro-vera is a shot given in the arm or hip once every three months; it is about 99 percent effective and will usually prevent you from having a menstrual cycle. The shot is said to cause excessive weight gain. The patch is worn on your arm for three weeks then on the fourth week it is removed and you will menstruate for...

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