Dania M

Dania M

Org not complex, state which regulates the business.
opportunistic and unethical ways of manipulating people

best way to manage is not through corrupting best management practise.
possible to find success following mach advice when pract dark skills, eg lie
- agree in short term, manipulate the resources for personal benefit, repeat if org is weak.

Not universal, sometimes proven paths good, sometimes need new strategy.

Are the so called dark skills more relevant in some industries?
swedes go abroad, get ripped off.

Diversity and leadership
leadership theories have had a North American bias, which brought an emphasis on market-type exchange processes and on individual traits and behaviors.
- perspective is changing - world interconnected and leadership researchers themselves represent
a wider range of nationalities and ethnicities

leadership theories become more inclusive and integrative, they have more potential to take into account multiple dimensions of individual identities and contexts, organizational cultures and subcultures, and the relations between leaders and a wide range of followers.

expectations about good leaders are also changing. The answer is clearly yes: The complexity of
leaders’ tasks has escalated in many contexts so that leaders are much more dependent on others to provide them with the knowledge and support that enables effective performance
(Kanter, 1997). contemporary leaders often emphasize the empowerment of followers to achieve a common vision. These contemporary cultural models of good leadership are less masculine than earlier models and are at least partially consistent with feminist visions of good leadership

In the more varied environments that result, the experiences of leaders and their followers are qualitatively different from the experiences of those in culturally homogeneous environments. leaders can thus change these roles to some extent, but so do rapid technological change...

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