Dark Age

Dark Age

Egyptian Innovations, Science and Technology

By: Matt, Norman, Evan

• The most famous form of Egyptian technology are the pyramids. • The truth about how they are built are still unknown. • Built Over 4000 years ago and still stands today.

The Pyramids
• The pyramids of Giza are one of the 7 wonders of the world. • Consisted of over 2.6 million blocks. • The Tomb Of King Khufu.

The Clock

• Egyptians had 2 methods of telling time. • Water Clock. • Sundial.

The Calendar
• Egyptians made the first 365 day Calendar. • Slightly different from our calendar today.
 Calendar Ancient Egypt Modern Day 7

Days per week


Weeks per month Months per season Seasons per year


4 or 5





Egyptian Innovations
• The Egyptians were very innovated with there creations. • They created inventions that we still use today very frequently. • Some inventions were fishing hooks, paper, ink (black), and sails. • The innovations of the Egyptians were essential to their way of life, for example since they lived on the Nile the sailboat was essential to travel and trade. • They also created to innovations that have changed our lives totally. • The Horus Eye Fraction System • Hieroglyphics, an ancient writing

Horus Eye Fraction System
• This is an ancient Egyptian way of doing math. • They took the Horus Eye divided it into fractions and that is now they did some math. • They used this system to measure fractions of Grain. • Math was used to solve problems, like how many bricks were used in a house or the heights of pyramid buildings.

= 1 / 32

 =1/8 =1/2

= 1 / 64


= 1 / 16

• This is an Ancient form of writing created by the Egyptians • They use symbols to represent words • The Rosetta Stone is an ancient artifact that helps us decode these meanings and understand about the Hieroglyphics • Here are some examples

• The ancient Egyptians were amazing Scientists • They...

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