Jessica McNamee Fall 2011

Campus Scavenger Hunt

There are a variety of resources available to students on campus and online. Unfortunately, they are of “no” use to students unless students are aware of where they are and what they are for. Therefore, in order to complete this project, you will need to use your sleuthing skills to locate the following offices on your local campus by using our online website

1. For all of the offices listed below, identify the building on your closest campus. (Use the http://cc.ivytech (Campus Connect) site to find these.)
2. In your own words, pick 10 of these and also include what the service will do to help you be successful.
*(Don’t make this hard. Use the cc.ivytech.edu tools at your disposal to look these up.)

a. Bookstore- The Bookstore is useful to me because it helps me purchase the books I need for my semester of classes. North Campus Harshman Hall
b. Business Office- The Business Office is useful to me because it is a place for me to pay my tuition, and make plans. Coliseum Campus
c. Counseling- Counseling is helpful for me because it’s a place I can go if I need help with classes or anything regarding school. Coliseum Campus
d. Financial Aid- Financial Aid is useful for because it could help pay for my tuition and the office with help know what I need to do to get it. Coliseum Campus
e. Job Placement Center- The Job Placement Center is helpful for me because it’ll help me find a job during school or after graduation. North Campus Harshman Hall
f. Library- The library is useful for me because if I need a book to help me with a paper its there to loan me them. North Campus Harshman Hall
g. Registrar’s Office- The Registrar’s Office will help me add/drop classes, improve grades, transfer credits, and get a copy of my transcripts. Coliseum Campus
h. Testing Center- The Testing Center will help me test out of courses I won’t need to take to get my closer to graduating. Harshman...

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