Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Market Outlook 2025 | Revenue Models

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Market Outlook 2025 | Revenue Models

The data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution is an assimilation of information technology (IT) and empower management to observe all systems throughout IT and facility infrastructure to enhance the data center energy efficiency. Cloud computing, rising dependency on IT systems, heat densities, consolidation of data centers and power consumption are the factors driving the global market for DCIM. The global growth in DCIM solutions is developing as a significant market opportunity for facilities management vendors. Increasing focuses on optimization of operational costs, enterprise migration into private clouds and data center virtualization are the prime reasons for the growth of DCIM market... Escalation in enterprise virtualization and cloud computing is rising the demand for global data centers, hence leading to advancement of new technologies to decrease energy consumption and ownership costs for operating data center infrastructure.

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DCIM enables the organization with definite understanding of cooling requirements, applications, utilization, energy consumption and complete performance. Enterprises can establish business strategies, set measurable goals and scrutinize into future situations for setting their infrastructure objectives. Organizations are finding ways to set realistic goals and accomplish them without added liability on their business and infrastructure objectives as a result of pressure on green and power consumption compliance. Opportunities in venture capital funding is expected to rise the global DCIM market in the future.

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Presently, implementation of DCIM is encouraged by the need to enhance data center capacities in correspond with growing business...

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