Data Collection Executive Summary

Data Collection Executive Summary

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Data Collection Executive Summary


University of Phoenix

June 2, 2014

Data Collection

The best way to collect information on this data collection plan is to obtain the information collected from the variables provided. Hoffman tracking is experiencing a high turnover rate of 20% for their drivers. This is slightly higher than the industry average. Safety system test sticks obtained from Hoffman trucking are slightly better than the average safety record of its competitors. There are several factors that are contributing to the high turnover rate for Hoffman trucking. The focus to resolve the problem is additional training for its drivers.

Variables, Continuous and Discrete

Variables identified as discrete variables in the data collection plan are the employee ID, employee gender, and home region. According to Kiess and Green (2010), a discrete variable can take only a countable or finite set of values within its limits. The continuous variables are hi a certification level, employee salary, days of travel, years with the company, days of training, number of jobs, satisfaction with job, having the training, safety is important, training is important, and satisfied with the job. According to Kiess and Green (2010), continuous variable is a variable that contain an infinite set of values that fall between the limit of the variable itself.


Take data in the data collection plans are nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. The nominal data that can be found in the data collection plan is the employee ID, gender, and home region. The ordinal data that can be collected is skill level, satisfied with job 2009, having the training needed 2009, safety is important 2009, training is important 2009, satisfied with job 2010, having the training needed 2010, safety is important 2010, and training is important 2010. Interval data found in...

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