Data Driven Decision Making

Data Driven Decision Making

Decision Analysis
Task 1- Tara Johnson

A. In order to improve the current workflow in the plant, I recommend using the work stations layout tool whether through the Excel or POM program. This will help to show a clearer picture of the work flow that is present at Shuzworld, with allotting equal times in each work station. This will enable the company to find the shortest time to be used in each station for optimal performance and production of all shoes. Decision Analysis has been established to advance theory, application, and teaching of all aspects of decision-making methods. 1. When it comes to beginning to make decisions for any business, almost everyone can feel uncertainty and fear. The more information given, then the most likely the decisions made are the right ones. This includes being able to trade off the values of certain outcomes against its probability. Data shows the truest form of the information given. The knowledge changes from data to information, from information to facts, and lastly from facts to knowledge. The entire decision making process is done under uncertainty and immeasurable variables. Values and numbers become much easier for people to use and understand. Once the numbers and circumstances are in place, the true analysis can begin. Using the work cell method, the company can have the following advantages: (1) reduced work in progress inventory, (2) less floor space use, (3) reduced raw material and finished goods inventory, (4) reduced labor costs, (5) more employee participation, (6) increased equipment and machinery use, and (7) reduced investment in machinery and equipment. Therefore, the chart and graph below shows the recommendation of 5 work stations, instead of the 8 that are currently being used:

2B, C9
4E, F, G10

StationTaskTime (minutes)Time left (minutes)Ready tasksAssgnd stat work time A
1A100B & C10
2B & C91D9

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