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Data WarehouseQuiz

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1. The following transactions are relevant to the data sources in an SAP BW source system.
a. RSA3 b. RSA4 c. RSA5 d. RSA6

Question #1: A, C, D
Transaction RSA3, or extractor checker, is used in the BW source system to check data sources for various extraction modes, including full update, delta update and delta initialization.
RSA5 is for installing standard business content data sources and RSA6 is for maintaining data sources.

2. True or False? A reference characteristic will use the SID table and master data table of the referred characteristic.
a. True b. False

Question #2: A
If an info object is created as a characteristic with a reference characteristic, it won't have its own sid and master data tables. The info object will always use the tables of the referred characteristic.

3. The following statements are not true about navigational attributes.
a. An attribute of an info object cannot be made navigational if the attribute-only flag on the attribute info object has been checked.
b. Navigational attributes can be used to create aggregates.
c. It is possible to make a display attribute to navigational in an info cube data without deleting all the data from the info cube.
d. Once an attribute is made navigational in an info cube, it is possible to change it back to a display attribute if the data has been deleted from the info cube.

Question #3: D
All the statements except D are true. It is possible to change a navigational attribute back to a display attribute in an info cube, without deleting all data from the info cube.

4. True or False? It is possible to create a key figure without assigning currency or unit.
a. True b. False

Question #4: A
Yes, it is possible to create a key figure without assigning a unit if the data type is one of these four: Number, Integer, Date or Time.

5. The following statements are true for compounded info objects.
a. An info cube needs to...

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