Database Security

Database Security

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Data and Database Administration

Data is a corporate Asset, just as personnel, physical resources, and financial resources are corporate assets. Data administration activities have been developed to help organisation to manage this asset effectively and protect it from unauthorised use. Effective data administration provides support for managerial decision making at all levels of the organisation. (I.e. convert raw data into information). Ineffective data administration can lead to:

Multiple definitions of the same data
Missing key data elements

Poor or no security measures
Poor backup and recovery services

Low quality data / unreliably data leading to bad decision making

The role of the Administrator --- DBA

This role involves a more hands on physical involvement with the management of the database. The DBA deals with technical issues such as security enforcement, daily performance, backup and security issues and administration (i.e. the issuing of user id and passwords, granting accesses etc). HE/she enforces the standards and procedures laid out by the Data administrator.

The characteristics of a good DBA include:

A board technical background
A solid knowledge of hardware and software
An understanding of data processing
Strong Data modelling skills at conceptual, logical and physical levels
Manage other IS personnel
Provide training and support fir end users
Understand the DB development cycle

Overview - Database Administrator functions
Data policies procedures and standards
Data conflict resolution
Internal marketing
Managing Data repository
Selection of hardware and software
Managing data security
Privacy of user information
Data backup and recovery

Detailed Discussion of Database Administrator functions

The proposed system should be carefully considered from the viewpoint of the enterprise architecture. The proposed system should meet...

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