Database Support Plan

Database Support Plan

Database Support Plan
1.0: Introduction
This document is to serve as a high level outline of the backup and recovery strategy in support of the new sales database. The goal will be to document procedures to ensure the database is available to the sales team with minimal downtime, describing techniques used for backing up the data, framework for restoration, along with frequency in which the data will be backed up.
1.1: Scope of Work
Out of scope: The physical design for the new sales database has already been completed, along with optimization and security protocol.
In scope: To develop a backup and recovery strategy ensuring availability for the new sales database during the hours of 06:00 – 22:00, define frequency and techniques associated with restoration and backup of the data, address concurrency issues, and outline steps for resolving failures.
1.2: Checklist
Inventory of what is to be backed up
Timeline & frequency (backup schedule)
Availability procedures
Define techniques
Outline concurrency issues
Restoration steps of failures
Maintenance strategy
1.3: Acronyms and Abbreviations
Acronym / Abbreviation
Point of Contact
Database Management System
Data Administrator
Database Administrator

1.4: Contact Information

1.5: Definition of Supporting Roles and Responsibilities

Matrix 1.5: DBA Roles and Responsibilities

Matrix 1.5: DBA Roles and Responsibilities (Continued)
2.0: DBMS Requirements

2.1: Database Design

2.2: Support Hardware

2.3: Support Software

2.4: Physical Design

2.5: Transactional Requirements

< Define how transactions can affect the design of the system applications. Establishing user defined procedures and standards will mitigate risks to the system. In this section I would also...

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