Data Collection Paper

This article is about the changing face of business communications, focused on the new voice technologies now emerging. Examples of such technologies include; integrated voice and text based communications, networking facilities, and the evolving internet technologies. And with the emergence of these new technologies comes the potential to change various aspects of business communications and of course the new challenges that emerge from these technologies are addressed. This particular article is relevant to business communications for obvious reasons, seeing as it is about the very core of business communications.

The sample population in this article are the working people in the business sector and the particular information technologies used in various instances of business. I believe the sample size of this research topic was appropriate because all that is needed to research information technology in business is to take a handful of medium to large businesses and study how, when, where and why they use the various technologies. I could not find and error or bias that this research topic could be vulnerable to, unless one sees predicting how new technology will affect business as an error. Bias can be made in the respects that the researcher might have an advance understanding on how these technology works and can then foresee their complicated use in business where as the lamens may only have a basic understanding of these technologies and thus a narrower view of the technologies use in business.

Observational studies was used to collect the data in this research. Each piece of technology is tied to certain aspects of business communications and its use is followed through the entire process of a particular business transaction. I do not believe that there are any ethical concerns involved in the collection of data in this particular research.

IBM Systems Journal; 2007, Vol. 46 Issue...