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Developing an Effective Middle School Leadership Program 1


Developing a Student Leadership Program at Como Lake Middle School

David Adam Truss

University of Oregon
Department of Educational Leadership
Faculty Advisor: Jen Katz-Buonincontro, Ph.D

Master of Science
Educational Leadership
Special Project
Spring 2006

Developing an Effective Middle School Leadership Program 2

It is amazing how much time my masters, and especially this paper, has taken
me away from my family. I thank my wife Ann first and foremost for her time spent as
a single parent while I sat married to my laptop computer. I know that her
encouragement and support are more than I expected or could ask for.
Over the last several years Como Lake Middle’s Leadership Program has
been a positive contributing factor to the school culture and to the school community.
During this time there have been many significant changes to the program. It is
important to recognize that many of the changes have been a result of the time, effort
and commitment of the administration, many dedicated teachers, and hundreds of
devoted leadership students. I am thankful for the opportunities that I have had to
work with all these wonderful people, who have helped me to make the leadership
program a positive, rewarding experience for everyone involved.
Finally, there is one part of being involved in the leadership program at Como
Lake Middle School that makes this experience very special for me. I am always
amazed by the effort that a few key students put into the program. Every year there
are a number of students that truly take service leadership to heart, making an
exceptional commitment to the program and to the school. More than any other
contributors to student leadership, it is students like this that make the program great.
I would like to thank these students, the future leaders...

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