David Saxby - Critical Appraisal

David Saxby - Critical Appraisal

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Case Study Assignment
David Saxby

Title of Report Assessment Report
Name of Client David Saxby
Date of Report 30 May, 2007

Report Content

1. Client Information
2. Reason for Referral
3. Background Information
4. Assessment Observations
5. Assessment Instruments
6. Assessment Results and Clinical Impressions
a. General Intellectual Ability
b. Visual Information Processing
c. Auditory/Conceptual Skills
d. Reading and Spelling
e. Memory
f. Arithmetic Skills
g. Social Skills and Attention
7. Conclusions
8. Recommendations

1. Client Information

David Saxby was born on 15th January 1978 and presented for assessment at age 27 on 25th and 26th June, 2005. In addition to working full-time as a builder’s labourer, he is currently completing his second year of a part-time Batchelor of Psychology degree at University.

2. Reason for Referral

David referred himself for an assessment of his learning ability as despite passing all his first year University subjects, he is currently struggling with his second year subjects and believes that he may have failed many subjects from his last session. He reports particular difficulties with planning essays and answering essay questions. During the first session of 2005, despite seeking assistance with his essay writing skills, David failed many of his assignments that required him to write an essay and received frequent feedback that he failed to provide a discussion of relevant literature. He reports difficulty with regard to word usage and the use of punctuation and capitalisation in his written work, difficulty in keeping up with reading of relevant material for his subjects and in writing notes during his lectures and slowness in copying information on lecture overheads. He reports a tendency to do better in tests and exams comprised of multiple-choice and short-answer...

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