Daycare Anyone?

Daycare Anyone?

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Eng 1301 Composition


Day Care Anyone?

Many parents might be horrified if they knew what goes on behind the closed doors of a child care facility. Most daycare facilities are not suitable places to entrust with the care of your child. Sanitation is difficult to manage in a commercial daycare; a problem hidden by the facility so that revenues are not lost due to parents removing their children to another facility. Many daycares are ‘open door’ facilities; this leaves the security of the children questionable at best, nonexistent at worst. Primary responsibility for the welfare of the child lies with the parents and problems ensue when that responsibility is given over to a commercial establishment. Many parents are confident that a commercial daycare facility is clean, safe, and secure environment for their children. The material accumulated by the research I have conducted will provide ample proof that commercial daycare is the least attractive option for daily child care.

Public childcare facilities have been found to have serious sanitation issues. There are certain rules and guidelines that daycare facilities must follow to insure a clean and healthy environment for your child. Jennifer Sanchez, noted Child therapist asserts in her magazine Parental Disorders, "Some day care operations barely meet the minimum Health Department requirements for sanitation; many do just enough to squeak by." (Sanchez 25) It is obvious when these facilities are given notice of an impending inspection by the State. Staff members scurry to bleach the mold off the walls, scrape dried feces off the floor and remove broken toys, furniture and other trash in order to bring the facility up to code. If a Health Department official were to see some of these facilities on an impromptu inspection, a disturbing percentage of those facilities would closed down on the spot. Professor Jerald Wieser, author of the best selling book Parenting 101 states, "I have seen...

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