DBM Week 3

DBM Week 3

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To: Technical Services/Logistics Manager

Re: SR-ta-001 Electronic Unit Scheduling System
I am reaching out to give an update on this SR. As we continue to build the database requested I wanted to reach out to you and explain normalization. I wanted to discuss what level would be necessary for this database. Normalization is the process in which the data is organized within the database. The process also includes the creation of tables and establishing keys and relationships between the tables built. This will help ensure the redundancy in the database is minimal normalization is important. Normalization also allows the database to be more flexible and reduce inconsistence dependency in the database.
A database without normalization is unorganized and full of redundancies. With normalization the database will efficiently store the data and applies normalization in five possible forms. Each of the forms contains and enforces rules for the data to follow. Some forms apply stricter rules that have to be followed. For the database we are currently building we are using the third normal form. This form will remove or eliminate that do not use the key records used in the tables. What this means is that any data that applies to more than just a single record in the table will be placed in its own table.

The third normal for is the best choice for this database as the information for Taylor Ambulance Company could potentially change very frequently. With that said, I am wanted to get additional feedback from you on your thoughts on using the third form of normalization in this database. This is the database you all will use daily, so I want to make sure it fits all requirements or criteria you all have set for this database. Please feel free to review the attachments showing examples of the database with and without normalization.

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