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Nutritional Allowances For The Newborn;
A formula should contain about 9% to 12% of the calories as protein, 45% to 55% of the calories as lactose carbohydrates. The balance should be fat of which about 10%( 4% of the calories) should be linoleic acid.

A newborn and an infant up to 2 months of age requires 120 calories per kilogram of body weight (50 to55 kcal/lb) every 24 hrs to provide an adequate amount food for maintenance and allow for growth as well.
After 2 months of age, the amount gradually declines until the requirements at one year has decreased to 100 kcal/ kg, or 45 kcal/ lb/day.
In adults, the requirements is 42 kcal/kg, or kcal/lb/day.

More active infant, one who cries frequently and squirms constantly, will need more calories than one who is more passive and is content to spend long hours playing quietly.

1. Protein
-necessary for the formation of new cells and the maturation of the maturation and maitenance and existing cells.
-Protein requirements are high during the newborn and infancy periods.
-nutritional allowance of protein for the first 2 months of life is 2.2 g /kg of body weight.
-cows milk contains about 16% of each calories as protein
-human milk about 8%
-the main protein in human milk is lactalbumin
-the main protein in cow's milk is casein.
-the curd tension in milk is related to the amount of casein present.
-the curd in cow's milk is large, tough, and difficult to digest
- in human milk, the curd is softer and easier to digest.
2. Fat
-linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid necessary for growth and skin integrity in infants.
-skimmed milk does not contain sufficient calories.

3. Carbohydrates
-lactose, the disaccharide found in human milk, appears to be the most easily digested of the carbohydrates.
-it improves calcium absorption and aids in nitrogen retention.
-cow's milk contains about 29% of its calories as carbohydrate.
-human milk, 37% cow's milk formulas...