dd208 tma2

dd208 tma2

´╗┐Question 1
Identify what kind of document is it whether it is qualitative or quantitative and what source of evidence it is.

The document is a personal account from an interview. It is a qualitative piece of evidence the source is from a website Carers uk.org
Summarise what it shows (what the photograph appears to depict, the narrative of a personal account, the data presented in a graph or table etc.
The data is presented in an interview format it highlights the social issue of inequality and the right to education for all.

Consider issues such as how the evidence was collected or produced and by who in addition to anything else you might think is important.

The information was collected from a reliable source as the person telling the account was actually there.
Question 2

Identify the social issue or phenomenon that you think the evidence can be used to understand.
Exclusion and the failure of a right to education for all.

Explain how the evidence relates to the concept of social justice.
Social justice is a concept that promotes the idea that society is fair for instance the distribution of recourses and wealth but ever since it was started it has been contested (challenged) as depending on a specific year and what group of people a particular event affects. This particular event highlights the injustice of disabled children do not have automatic right to education.

Consider questions such as whether the evidence relates to a particular conception of social justice.
Think about the importance of the evidence to contestations about or mobilisations in support of social justice.
The evidence is important as it shows that there were more than one family that had suffered the injustices due to them not being able to get their children into education due to them being disabled and so they all joined together (mobilisation) to fight for the right for their children to have the right to an education and because they all stood together...

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