Phone 6 Plus & Bendgate: Are the new iPhones bendy?
The first thing most potential iPhone 6 Plus buyers will want to know about is Bendgate - the cluster of early claims that iPhone 6 Plus units were bending in their owners' pockets. Is this something you need to worry about? How bendy are the new iPhones, exactly?

Let's begin by saying that these seem to be rare occurrences, and that some of the claims have been called into doubt.

Talk of Bendgate started days after the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus, when an owner of the new Apple phablet complained that his device had bent just from sitting in his pocket. (Sitting in the pocket for some 13 hours or more, by the by.)

Then a video went viral in which an iPhone 6 Plus was bent by hand. Pretty soon everyone was talking about 'Bendgate'.
ven though high-end smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone 6 have a high-entry price, they’re always cheaper when purchased outright than with a two-year contract from carriers. But that doesn’t mean all potential buyers have the same perception on prices, or are willing to spend that much money at once on a new phone. South Korea is one market where smartphone competition is at an all-time high, with carriers and retailers engaged in a price war to attract more customers. And it looks like some of these retailers are willing to break the law to sell you an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus for a more affordable subsidized price, The Korea Times has learned.

FROM EARLIER: Galaxy S5 will get off to a painfully slow start in Samsung’s home market

The iPhone 6 models have hit stores on Friday, smashing the Galaxy Note 4 launch record in the process. But local carriers are forbidden by law to offer subsidies of more than 345,000 won (or $325) to buyers purchasing handsets with a contract. In fact, all three carriers in Korea, including SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ were banned from selling devices earlier this year, as a punishment for their previous subsidy practices, right as Samsung...

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