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The world’s largest person goes by the name of Jon Brower Minnoch officially weighing in at 636 kilo grams with morbid obesity. He was born in 1941 and died late 1983. He also is the holder of the largest weight lost ever losing 419 kilo grams.

To conclude, obesity isn’t just something you can take some antibiotics to fight against. It takes time, effort and a lot of heart to lose enough weight to be classified as healthy. Hopefully, reading this brochure I have reminded you about the affects of a unhealthy diet and what you can do to stop this from happening

Lack of physical exercise is one of the main contributors to obesity. The majority of people who have obesity spend most of their time watching television and not actually contributing to helping weight loss.
Bad eating habits are also a large contributor towards obesity and are one of the hardest parts of the disease to control.

To cure obesity start a weight training routine to increase muscle mass and boost metabolism and strength. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, building muscle will help burn more calories throughout the day and therefore begin your weight loss routine.

Obesity is a widely spreading disease in which a person’s body weight has risen to extremely life threatening levels and the patient is at risk of losing their life withought some serious diet and sport rethinking.
Most commonly reminded about from America, over 60 million people in the United States are classed as obese and one-third of Women between the ages of 20 – 70 are also labeled obese. Majority of these people are either African American or Mexican American.
In this brochure I will be telling you whether the path in recovery you decide to take is the right one, and that if being 200kg is possible.