Summer Holiday Hw – 14.05.15
CLASS XI 2015-16
Total English 11, Specimen Paper 3 pages   52-58. Attempt all 4 questions.
To be submitted as soon as school reopens.  

HINDI – १. अपठित गद्‍यांश – 22, पृष्ठ संख्या – 159 (व्याकरण मंजूषा)... व्याकरण की कॉपी में।
२. प्रश्न (पुत्र-प्रेम) – कहानी के शीर्षक की सार्थकता स्पष्ट करते हुए इसके उद्‍देश्य पर प्रकाश डालें।

“Koni” chapter -1&2 Q/Answer;
Composition:1. “Manobota Tumi”
2. “Sei j amar nana ronger dinguli”

Complete the calculations of practical no.1,2,3 and find the result.
Write the synopsis of the project assigned to you following the guidelines given. The topics are:
a. Refraction of light
b. Transistor
c. Zener Diode
d. Surface Tension
e. Elasticity
f. Transmission of heat
g. Viscosity
h. Polarization
i. Electrical conductivity.

Select any topic of your choice from the following list for the project.
1. Amino acids: Peptides, structure and classification, proteins structure and their role in the growth of living beings.
2.Vitamins and hormones.
3.Natural polymers (any five)- structure, characteristics, uses.
4.Synthetic polymers (any five)-method of preparations, structure, characteristics, uses.
5.Types of dyes- method of preparations, characteristics, uses.
6.Thermoplastics and Thermosetting plastics- method of preparations, characteristics, uses.
7.Various rocket propellants and their characteristics.
8.Insectcides,pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
9.Explosives - preparations, and their uses.
10.Coal and coal tar as a source of many chemicals.
11.Ancient Indian medicines and medicinal plants.
12.Air pollution ,water pollution.
13.Lipids: structure,membranes and their functions.
14.Carbohydrates and their metabolism,blood haemoglobin and respiration.
15. Preparation of soap, nail polish , boot polish,varnish,nail polish remover, shampoo and scents.
16.Chemicals and chemical...