Dealing with Immigration Laws

Dealing with Immigration Laws

Erika Ruiz


Comm. 101

TR 2:00-3:20

Gina Sneddon

When dealing with the immigration laws, I stand between disagreeing with them and also agreeing with them.

Many people come to America in hopes of a better future for them as well as their family. In Mexico, work is hard to find, and the pay is very little. Families there tend to have three children or more, and the money is not enough to pay for housing, food and school expenses. America to them represents an opportunity to further their education and the education of their children, and also hopefully get a better job that pays for all their expenses. This is where I begin to disagree with the laws, and how hard it is to come to America. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to better themselves, not matter what race or ethnicity they are. America has said to be a country that represents freedom equality and a home for everyone. So why do we discriminate mostly toward illegal aliens, wetbacks or whatever else you want to call them? Here in America, the majority of the population is becoming more and more Hispanics. Like I stated earlier in my paper, some come to better themselves, while other come just to cause chaos that is one of the strongest reasons why I agree with the immigration laws. Some people come to America to try and get the easy way out of their problems. Stealing, killing and causing the crime rate to go up. These are the types of people that don’t deserve the chance to be here. There are also the people that come to America and they bring Mexico with them. They come here to better themselves, but still they don’t put the effort to try and learn the language; instead at every chance possible they disrespect the American culture. People like this deserve punishments.

I believe that that most reasonable solution to this problem would be to do a background check, or something to stat e the type of person they are. I came to think the way I think of this...

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