Dealing with Problem Employees

Dealing with Problem Employees

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Problem Employees

Problem Employees
This research paper will evaluate the different techniques of dealing with a problem employee so as to mitigate legal problems which may arise due to any disciplinary measures taken by a supervisor or the organization. This will explain what to do if anyone is in the same situation as the email that was sent to everyone.
Problem solving model
While dealing with employees’ problem or problem employees, it is vital for a manager to avoid what is referred to as managerial cynicism. The employer or manager should realize that employee problems are inevitable and that they are bound to happen from time to time. A manager should also aim at dealing with problems in a supportive manner to ensure a positive attitude in employees is maintained. The problem solving process should also aim at improving the self esteem of employees which can be done through concentrating on their strengths rather than their problems. A manager should refrain from branding his or her employees as being problematic or uncooperative as this may lead to the escalation of the problem rather than solving it (Bowers, 2003).

Introduction: Dealing with labor disputes and labor relation issues have in the past recent become a sensitive issue especially because of the legal implications such disputes may attract if not handled well. Organizations as well as supervisors are finding themselves on tight spots regarding different employee relation issues and some lead to costly legal cases. Before attempting to solve any dispute in an organization, the supervisor or the management should first differentiate between problem employees and employees who have a problem. In most instances, managers confuse employees with problems, with problem employees thus leading to erroneous application of problem solving techniques. An employee problem arises where the problem of the employee is persistent, job performance of an employee is affected and if a particular...

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